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How To Break The Trance of The Brainwashed!

This FREE Training Reveals The 3 Secrets To Communicating That Hypnotists Use Without That Will Get Your Point Across and Snap Them Out of It!

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Sept. 7th, 2022

06:00 PM PST

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Michael Grady

Michael Grady is a professional stage hypnotist and hypnotherapist, trained not only in advanced hypnotic methods but also in covert hypnosis, conversational hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, thought field therapy, subconscious reprogramming technique and many others. 

Michael has hypnotized thousands of people all across the US at schools, colleges, fairs, corporate events, on the street and in the clinical setting. 

He has partnered with NFL and NHL athletes to create subconscious repatterning programs with binaural beats and light and sound machines, made TV episodes with MTV and G4 television networks, had an hour special on the Alex Jones Show showing how hypnotic techniques are being used on the population for propaganda and recently shared the stage with James O’Keefe at the American Freedom Alliance Conference in California. 

You can find Michael on his YouTube channel breaking down hypnotic methods used by the media and teaching his students how to master these techniques. He’s going to share those secrets with with you so we can break the trance our friends and family members are in.

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What Will You Learn In This Free Training

Develop Instant Connection

Establish instant rapport with who you interact with so they feel on the same page as you. This is the biggest unlooked element in influence and persuasion that is absolutely crucial to know! 

Hypnotic Communication

Learn use the technique hypnosis is base on called "Pacing and Leading." This is the art of knowing where someone is mentally or physically and leading them in the most efficient and believable way to the best outcome.

Mass Media Secrets

Watch as Michael uncovers the covert hypnotic methods used on the TV, Internet Videos and more. Once you know the techniques, they cannot work on you anymore!

What People Say About Michael

"I highly recommend that you do so to experience the magic yourself!!"

''Being a RN & Therapist I usually hesitate going to the other therapists...

Today I had the most amazing therapeutic session with one & only Michael Grady who, I felt has a charisma of his own & his words works like magic.

His style creates a strong message for your subconscious mind & you start feeling a sense of freedom.

Thank you so much for your time & help! If you haven’t booked your call yet with Michael, I highly recommend that you do so to experience the magic yourself!!"

"I came home with over $3000.00!''

''When I worked with Michael I was so full of energy...

My Frequency was so high, I kept winning on the slot machines when I was gambling LOL!

When Michael cleared me on my anxiety, breathing it out and breathing it out... all of a sudden - my machines were just hitting and hitting LOL!

I breathed out all that anxiety I had, and man, my $100 just went up I came home with over $3000.00!''

"This Method is Life Changing, Transformational and Deeply Effective!"

''Michael Grady has singlehandedly supported me in transforming some of the deepest challenges I have ever had!

I am grateful beyond words, to the care, compassion, and support that he brings to this work and to the simple fact that - This Method is Life Changing, Transformational and Deeply Effective! 

Michael, thank you for helping me transform things in my life, I never thought were possible! 🙂

❤ If you have not tried this yet, please, do, it's so simple, yet BEYOND PROFOUND in its effect! ❤''

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